Bently Nevada 21000, 24701 Proximity Probe Housing Assemblies

Proximity Probe Housing Assemblies

Proximity Probe Housing Assemblies
Bently Nevada offers two all-metal Proximity Probe Housing Assemblies for
external mounting of proximity probes: the 21000 aluminum probe housing
assembly, and the 24701 stainless steel probe housing assembly. These
housings consist of a dome cover that screws into the body of the housing,
threaded ports for conduit connections, a probe sleeve of optional length, Orings,
a reverse mount proximity probe, a thread seal, optional conduit fittings
and an optional standoff adapter. Use of a proximity probe housing
allows external access to the proximity probe and its extension cable, permitting
gap adjustment or probe replacement without disassembly of the
Note: A newer 31000/32000 proximity probe housing assembly is available
with more flexible mounting options, better environmental resistance, and
other improved features. It is recommended for installations where an
explosion proof housing is not required. Consult specifications and ordering
information (p/n 141610-01).
Both the 21000 and the 24701 housing assemblies are available in a Canadian
Standards Association (CSA) approved version that is rated explosion
proof in hazardous areas. In addition, CSA and BASEEFA approved proximity
probes can also be ordered with both 21000 aluminum and 24701 stainless
steel housings for intrinsically safe applications. Both housings are
certified as CSA Type 4 enclosures, and both are fully compliant with the
American Petroleum Institute’s (API) 670 Standard for externally mounted
proximity probe housings.