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ROSEMOUNT 3095MV MultiVariable™ Mass Flow Transmitter

ROSEMOUNT 3095MV MultiVariable™ Mass Flow Transmitter

• 1.0% of Mass Flow rate accuracy over 8:1
Flow Range
• Twelve month Stability of 0.1%
• Four measurements in one device
• Dynamically compensated Mass Flow
• Coplanar™ platform enables

DP Flowmeters

The leader in Multivariable Mass Flow Measurement.
Rosemount delivers a tradition of excellence and
technology leadership, featuring the state-of-the-art
Model 3095MV Multivariable Mass Flow transmitter.
The Model 3095MV delivers four measurements
from one coplanar device with unmatched operating
performance, including dynamically compensated
mass flow. Engineered to combine best products with
best installation practices, the fully compensated
Model 3095MV enables a complete offering of DP
1.0% of Mass Flow rate accuracy over 8:1
Flow Range
Enabled by superior sensor technology and
engineered for optimal flow performance, the Model
3095MV delivers unprecedented ±0.075% reference
accuracy, resulting in mass flow accuracy of ±1.0%
over 8:1 flow range. Superior performance means
reduced variability and improved plant safety.
Twelve month Stability of 0.1%
Through aggressive simulation testing, the Model
3095MV has proven its ability to maintain
unprecedented performance under the most
demanding conditions. Superior transmitter stability
decreases calibration frequency for reduced
maintenance and operation costs.
Four measurements in one device
The advanced Model 3095MV measures three
process variables simultaneously and dynamically
calculates fully compensated mass flow. One
installation means reduced process penetrations,
inventory and installation costs.
Dynamically compensated Mass Flow
Fully compensated mass flow reduces sources of
traditional DP flow uncertainty. Model 3095MV
calculates Mass Flow by measuring process and
temperature to perform ‘real-time’ calculation of all
flow equation parameters including density, viscosity,
velocity, Reynolds number, beta ratio, discharge
coefficient, velocity of approach, and the gas
expansion factor. Superior flow calculations yield
more accurate measurements to reduce variability
and increase profitability.
Coplanar platform enables
DP Flowmeters
The flexible coplanar platform allows integration with
the complete offering of Rosemount primary
elements for any flow application. Right out of the
box, the solution arrives factory calibrated,
pressure-tested, and ready to install. Only
Rosemount has a scalable coplanar transmitter
design to reduce engineering and inventory costs.